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The Rivoli Ballroom is the only intact 1950s Ballroom remaining in London. The current building was originally the Crofton Park Picture Palace which opened in July 1913. It was designed by Henley Attwater with a simple barrel-vaulted auditorium. It became The Rivola Cinema in 1929. The last film there was shown on 2 March 1957. Yet since then it has appeared in various films, and music videos featuring Elton John, Tina Turner, gigs from The White Stripes, The Kings of Leon, Florence and The Machine, as well as recently featured in the Tom Hardy Film Legend, as well as The Avengers. Either side of the ballroom are two bars, running the length of the hall, one dating 1958 and the other of 1960. The right hand bar of 1958 features booths and tables .Perfect place to screen a classic horror.

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